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19 Jan 2009
Sameeh Ahmed and Israeli occupation 
As the sound of bombardment was silent, bodies buried and rubbles lifted marking a painful end to three weeks of war, plights of devastated Gazans found their way to light.

"The Israeli missile killed my son before my eyes," Sameeh Ahmed, 38, said in tearful eyes.
Sammeh was not one of resistance fighters; he was an ordinary civilian who could stand helpless while Palestinian civilians were dying because of lack of medics.

He volunteered with his 18-year-old son to work at a hospital in Beit Hanoun on January 3rd, five days after the start of the Israeli war.

"They attacked us with three rockets. One killed my son and the others injured me badly."

Sameeh's leg was amputated after being shattered by the Israeli missiles.
However, Sameeh was not alone.

Wounded father

The Israeli air, naval and ground offensive on Gaza, which began on December 27, killed more than 1300 people, including 410 children, 108 women and 118 elders. Medics estimate around 14 percent of the 5400 people injured in Gaza have become disabled for life.

"What did we do to them, we were volunteering at the hospital trying to help," he added. Despite overwhelming darkness, there was some light at the end of the tunnel.
"I was transferred through Rafah border to find highest medical care at King Abdulaziz Medical City at National Guard Health Affairs in Riyadh," said Sameeh.
As Sameeh arrived at the hospital, he underwent several surgeries trying to save his arm and other leg from amputation.
"I had four fractures in my right arm on which I had a surgery," Sameeh said.
"Other surgeries were operated to fix the bones of my right leg."
Sameeh's sever burns in arm and shoulder received necessary treatment.
"No words of gratitude can describe my thanks to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for his generosity in providing the medical help and support to Gaza's patients," Sameeh added.  
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