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31 Oct 2011
Acceptance of the Association for the Professionals for (APIC) 
National Guard Health Affairs in collaboration with Infection Control and Epidemiology Department would like to announce the acceptance of the Association for the Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology for the 2nd International Chapter (APIC).

APIC Organization is known globally with numerous collaboration projects with the CDC-Centre for Diseased Control and Prevention, WHO - the collaborating Centre for Infection Control, GCC - Centre for Infection Control and other National and International Organizations.

The Vision of APIC for 2012 is as follows:

By 2012, APIC will be recognized as the leader in infection prevention and control by practitioners, policy makers, healthcare executives and consumers.  In order to do so, APIC is working toward achieving the following goals.

  • APIC will emphasize prevention and promote zero tolerance for healthcare associated infections and other adverse events
  • APIC will ensure that appropriate standards and measures are set by which infection prevention and control programs are evaluated by regulatory agencies, healthcare executives, payers and consumers.
  • Infection prevention and control will be recognized as a separate and distinct profession, whose members are positioned for leadership roles in healthcare.
  • APIC will serve as a catalyst for leading edge research for the prevention of infection and associated adverse outcomes.
  • APIC will play a leadership role in emergency preparedness related to infection prevention and control, including emerging and reemerging diseases, bioterrorism natural disasters and other issues.

Infection Control and Epidemiology Department will utilize this opportunity to improve networking amongst Infection Control Professionals and adopt as many initials as possible to elevate the standards of practice within the Kingdom and the regions, with the aim of improving Infection Control Practice.

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