​Define Accreditation in Medical Cities

Joint Commission International (JCI)Accreditation is a process in which an entity, separate from the healthcare organization, assesses the healthcare organization to determine if it meets a set of requirements or standards designed to improve quality of care.

Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation is the most sought after accreditation due to the thoroughness of its processes that covers everything from patient entry to discharge and asses all aspects of management, to meet the standards of the best Hospitals in the world.

JCI was established in 1997 as a division of Joint Commission Resources, Inc. (JCR), a private, not-for-profit affiliate of The Joint Commission. JCI extends The Joint Commission’s mission worldwide by assisting international health care organizations, public health agencies, health ministries and others to improve the quality and safety of patient care in more than 80 countries.

The National Guard Health Affairs in the three regions was reaccredited by the JCI and thus received the JCI ‘Gold Seal of Approval’ in December 2009 with excellent results, which means a visible commitment to improve the quality of patient care, to ensure safe environment, to continually work to reduce risks to patients and staff, and to achieve the highest standards of care. 

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