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Adoption Model of Analytics Maturity (AMAM) - Stage 7

King Abdulaziz Medical City in Riyadh atthe Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs achieved the Adoption Model of Analytics Maturity (AMAM) - Stage 7, on Tuesday 23 Muharram 1443 AH /August 31, 2021 AD.

The AMAM maturity model measures analytics capabilities on several elements, first, Analytical capabilities in healthcare institutions in terms of tools, technical infrastructure, and qualified human resources, second, verifying the existence of a robust and effective data and analytics strategy that is compatible with the objectives of the institution, third, The institution's dependence on strong and effective data and analytical services in its operations, decision making and plans. The model of maturity also provides a blueprint for the transformation into a data-driven organization (DDO) that relies on data to make its decisions, improve its operations, and predict its future events.

It is worth noting that the analytics maturity model is an integrated model that is not based on the technical aspect and information technology only, but it also includes other important aspects such as data governance and management, data culture and availability, and empowering individuals at different levels to deal with data.

This The 7th stage accreditation, which is the highest level in the maturity model was provided by Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), which is concerned with classifying medical applications and systems in health organizations according to their levels of employment and application of electronic information technology systems in the field of healthcare and improving patient experience. KAMC-R underwent a two-day validation process. The roadmap for analytical services, the strategic data plan, case studies were presented, and a number of operational and medical departments were evaluated. In addition to discussing the infrastructure and technical skills of human resources specialized in data analysis and advanced analytical services such as predictions, machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL).

This accreditation is evidence of the commitment of the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs to apply best practices with regard to data and analytical services in terms of: data governance, infrastructure, analytical tools, the integrative relationship between the service provider and the beneficiary, training and qualifying human resources from the technical and Non-technical sides. Data and analytics services improves many aspects of the healthcare business such as clinical decision support, operational and financial aspects of the organization, and transforms data into actionable insight during the digital transformation journey. This achievement is a first step in a group of achievements and projects that fall under the organization's strategic data plan for the next three years. 


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