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Adoption Model for Analytics ‎Maturity (AMAM)‎ - Stage 6

Adoption Model fo​​r Analytics ‎Maturity (AMAM)‎ - Stage 6

Ministry of National Guard-Health Affairs (MNG-HA) celebrated the HIMSS (AMAM) Stage 6 -Adoption Model for Analytics Maturity- accreditation on Monday 13-01-2020. The HIMSS Adoption Model of Analytics Maturity (AMAM) provides a blueprint for the transformation into a Data Driven Organization (DDO). AMAM is a holistic maturity model that does not only focus on the technology component, but it also covers the data governance and data culture aspects. Collectively, these three components have to be properly implemented in order to be a DDO.

The accreditation was presented by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), which recognizes healthcare organizations that have improved the healthcare and patient experience by using advanced information technology and electronic management systems.

Which is required to deploy effective analytics solutions that serve our patients, our physicians, and our community. MNG-HA is committed to enable employees at every level to use the right data, at the right time, and with right content to foster conclusive decision-making. The accreditation also stands as a recognition for MNG-HA commitment with regards to validated its use of predictive analytics by expanding its focus on advanced data content, clinical support, and IT capabilities. Analytics serve to improve many facets of a healthcare business beyond clinical decision support, such as the operational and financial aspects of the organization.

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