​Our Safe Care Commitment​​​

Ministry of the National Guard- Health Affairs (MNGHA) is committed to taking required steps to keep you safe and providing the best care you need. 

We SCREEN to protect you, your families, and hospital staff:​​

Screening of employees​

Daily we screen all employees for:

  • Respiratory symptoms—any employee with symptoms of a possible respiratory illness is not allowed to return to work until he is been assessed and cleared by the employees' respiratory clinic physicians.

  • Exposure to a confirmed COVID-19 patient- anyone who has a history of unprotected exposure is not allowed to return to work until he is been screened for COVID-19 and to bring negative results before resume working in addition to the assessment for the need for quarantine.

Screening of patients and visitors

  • All patients and visitors are screened for symptoms of possible COVID-19 infection upon arrival to the hospital

  • Admitted patients are tested for COVID-19 before admission and screened daily for symptoms.

  • Outpatients are screened before and upon arrival, and if symptomatic, are cared for via virtual visits or in designated areas where we use Saudi Ministry Of Health-recommended personal protective equipment (PPE) and implement infection control policies.

  • We restrict visitors coming into the hospital and clinics to only a very limited number of cases, and screen visitors for symptoms of possible COVID-19 infection. We ask visitors with symptoms to postpone their visits.

We check Tawakkalna status for all persons before their entrance to the hospital.​

We are committed to clean hands and ensure it is easy for you to do the same, by making hand sanitizer stations available and easily accessible for patients, visitors, and staff. ​

We ensure a clean and safe environment, we have established effective cleaning and disinfection protocols throughout the MNGHA facilities.​

Together we protect and maintain healthy environment for everyone:

  • All persons inside the hospital —employees, patients, and visitors— are mandated to wear a face mask.

  • Physical distancing is maintained by:

    • Moving chairs to maintain at least 1.5 meters between them

    • Placing signages on some chairs to prevent people from setting near each other

    • Placing signages on the floor to remind people to maintain the physical distancing.

    • Installing plexiglass barriers in some areas.

Additional safety measures:​​

  • A pathway for patients with suspected and confirmed COVID-19.

  • Infection control policies to care for patients with suspected and confirmed COVID-19.

  • Designated specific wards and units to accommodate  the COVID-19 in-patients

  • Clinics to serve as designated places to swab the suspected patients.

  • COVID-19 vaccination center and vaccine clinics for MNGHA employees, dependents, and general public in addition.

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