World Diabetes Day ​– AlAhsa

World Diabetes Day ​– AlAhsa 

Diabetes section at King Abdulaziz Hospital, ‎AlAhsa, held the activities of the International ‎Diabetes Day at an awareness exhibition in which ‎several departments and medical departments ‎participated, aiming to raise awareness among ‎the community of this serious disease.‎

The Regional Executive Director of the Ministry of ‎National Guard -Health Affairs in the Eastern ‎Region, Dr. Ahmad Al Arfaj "This event comes ‎after a large number of events related to ‎diabetes, and preceded by a conference, a ‎number of workshops and lectures covering the ‎latest international medical developments in this ‎regard".‎

He also added: “The exhibition covered several ‎aspects, most notably, educating the visitors ‎about this disease and how to minimize its risks ‎and development, from an early screening, ‎periodic check-ups, its medications, the ‎psychological factor, and several other corners to ‎achieve the objectives for which this exhibition ‎was held”.‎

‎"The exhibition witnessed a remarkable presence ‎of visitors and patients, and through dialogues ‎and public inquiries, it revealed that many were ‎surprised to know that lack of exercise, a wrong ‎diet, and no periodic medical check-ups, can ‎affect the possibility of getting diabetes, ‎additionally, many cases of diabetes were ‎discovered and it’s an alarming rate amongst ‎children”. ‎

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