PMBAH Organizes Breast Can​cer ‎Awareness 

PMBAH Organizes Breast Can​cer ‎Awareness Represented by Family Medicine Department; Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz ‎Hospital organized the events of Breast Cancer Awareness Day on Wednesday the 6th of ‎November 2019 under the slogan “Check yourself, Don’t Wait for Symptoms”. The said events ‎took place with the participation of Nursing Services, Radiology departments and Health ‎Affairs in Al Madinah representing the Ministry of Health in addition to “Ahyaaha” charitable ‎association for cancer patients. ‎

The event was inaugurated by Mr. Mansour Al Askar, Executive Director of Operations ‎with the presence of Prof. Tarik Khashoggi, Deputy Executive Director of Medical Services; Col. ‎Engr. Bassam Al Hazmi, Deputy Executive Director of Operations; and Dr. Samia Sabur, Section ‎Head of Family Medicine in addition to other department heads in PMBAH.‎

‎ The event aims to promote awareness regarding breast cancer early checkup, as could ‎have an approximately 95% positive affect during the treatment while delayed detection could ‎result in negative effects on treatment and its efficiency.  ‎

The event included an awareness exhibition with a number of educational booths. It ‎began with identifying the risk factors to all female visitors and then transferring them -if ‎necessary- to Radiology department in order to undergo the necessary examination, whether ‎television or mammogram. Self-detection methods were also clarified using special materials, ‎video presentation, and distribution of educational brochures. ‎

Prevention methods were properly addressed as well as the affection of breastfeeding ‎in preventing the disease. Some misconceptions were also clarified such as that the disease ‎only affects women and that biopsy causes the spread of the disease and that mammograms ‎cause cancer and several other misconceptions.‎

PMBAH Organizes Breast Can​cer ‎Awareness  

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