​Primary Healthcare Center in Al Madinah Organizes a Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign


Represented by the Primary Healthcare Center; Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Hospital held a breast cancer awareness event on Sunday the 3rd of November 2019 under the slogan “Check yourself, Don’t Wait for Symptoms”, with the Health Affairs in Al Madinah in representation of  the Ministry of Health in addition to “Ahyaaha” charitable association for cancer patients. 

Prof. Tarik Khashoggi the Deputy Executive Director of Medical Services, PMBAH inaugurated the event with the presence of Dr. Sumaia Al-Sharief, Director of the Primary Healthcare Center. The campaign aims to promote health awareness regarding breast cancer, risk factors, preventive measures, and healthcare providing centers in Al Madinah.

The campaign included an awareness-raising exhibition with a number of educational booths for the visitors. Presenting information about breast cancer symptoms, treatment, latest early detection methods and their effect on the survival rate. The exhibition was attended by a large number of visitors and staff at the center. Gifts, brochures, and educational publications were presented and inquiries about breast cancer were addressed.

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17-Nov-2019 09:10 AM