​King Abdulaziz Hospital Celebrates the International Prematurity Day - Al Ahsa​

HCIPDii.jpgKing Abdulaziz Hospital in Al Ahsa, organized The International Prematurity Day,  The events were attended by medical and nursing staff and the families of premature babies born in the hospital in an emotionally supportive atmosphere.

Regional Executive Director of the Ministry of National Guard -Health Affairs in the Eastern Region, Dr. Ahmad Al Arfaj, pointed out: “This ceremony was attended by premature infants born in the hospital and received the necessary care until they were discharged, additionally,  honoring their parents who contributed significantly to overcome the life-threatening stages, along with the medical intervention and medical care, resulting in a generation exceeding critical stages to enjoy life". 

For his part, Head of the Pediatrics Department, Dr. Hisham Al-Qurum, said that "the main objective of this event was purely humane, where we aspired to share the achievements of parents alongside the medical and nursing staff, and when we see the smile on the faces of those children and their families, we forget the fatigue, fear, and pain that we were all going through to save the life of a premature baby, but now he is a healthy happy child".

​Finally, King Abdulaziz Hospital honored the medical staff who succeeded in caring for the premature babies, as well as their parents proving their heroic actions in the care of their premature baby. The activities included an exhibition showing the visitors the stages that the premature child goes through from birth to discharge.

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28-Nov-2019 03:37 PM