Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteri Awareness Week - Jeddah 
Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteri Awareness Week - Jeddah

A program to rationalize the use of antibiotics has been established since 2016, aiming at the safety and protection of patients. During these four years, an annual event has been held for a week during which awareness sessions and a conference of many specialists are held to share their scientific and practical experiences in this field. 

 The objectives of the program are to help health practitioners make optimal use of antibiotics through education programs, policies and procedures and to provide antibiotics and laboratory tests. 

 The Chairperson of the Organizing Committee, Clinical Pharmacist - Infectious Diseases Dr. / Nour Shams gave a speech explaining the importance of the program and the successful projects that have been accomplished by the Antibiotic Committee in King Abdulaziz Medical City - Jeddah.  She also explained the difficulties and obstacles faced by the Committee in implementing the Committee's recommendations.  She also explained the steps to be followed about prescribing antibiotics. 

Dr. Asim Alsaedi, Associate Executive Director, Infection Prevention & Control Program; stressed the increase in the resistance of bacteria to treatment at the present time, adding that the development of bacteria and drug resistance may occur over a long period of time, but the development has become fast and more dangerous now because of the continued misuse of antibiotics, which affected the bacteria and make resistance occur in a period of time.  He also pointed out that this increase in the rate of misuse will pose a global risk if not controlled by preventive methods in the forefront and reduce the wrong use of antibiotics. 

 Dr. Maa Al-Ahmadi, Clinical Pharmacist, Infectious Diseases, and Dr. Maher Al-Ahmadi, Consultant of Infectious Diseases, and Infection Control; gave a lecture on how to optimize the use of antibiotics and the importance of nursing in contributing and supporting the program of antibiotic use. 

 Dr. Naim also stressed the importance of early change (when possible) from intravenous antibiotics to oral antibiotics of the patient because of the transfer of this benefit beneficial to the patient and the hospital. 

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteri Awareness Week - Jeddah  

Dr. ​Maher added that the health service centers should accelerate the implementation of the program of supervision of the use of antibiotics in all their facilities. He gave a lecture on the details of the application of the mechanism of organizing antibiotics in the National Guard Hospital in Jeddah. 

 Clinical Pharmacist - Infectious Diseases Dr. Duaa Al-Jefri talked about penicillin allergy and its effect on antibiotics.  She explained that some patients may have side effects that are mistakenly diagnosed as allergic to penicillin, which may cause subsequent harm to the patient.  She has emphasized the importance of correct diagnosis and differentiation between side effects and true penicillin allergy. 

Dr. Bassam Ghanem, Clinical Pharmacist, Communicable Diseases, spoke in his lecture about the new scientific researches on the extent of using the proper antibiotic, stressing the importance of adhering to the doctor's recommendations. The most important message in this conference is that antibiotics should be used deliberately and wisely and that all members of society in general and health staff in particular have a role in reducing the phenomenon of misuse of antibiotics. 

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