Critical Lab Results Notifica​​tion Sys​tem (Takeed)‎

Critical Lab Results Notifica​​tion Sys​tem (Takeed)‎ 

In an effort to implement an effective ‎channel of ‎timely communication of critical lab results to ‎patients and primary physicians in order to ensure ‎patient ‎safety and health care quality, the Ministry of ‎National Guard - Health Affairs, has developed an ‎electronic system, Critical Lab Results Notification ‎System (Takeed).‎

The system will be implemented in all MNG-HA’s ‎facilities, which includes all medical cities as well as ‎primary health ‎care centers, to ensure that ‎notifications about critical lab results reach patients ‎and physicians either through the pager, a text ‎message, or by email.‎

Additionally, the system features an alert ‎acknowledgement by the clinicians about the critical ‎lab results, ‎either via the automatic Interactive Voice ‎Response (IVR) or through the Critical Lab Results ‎Notification ‎System (Takeed).‎

The development and implementation of such a ‎system stands as a recognition for MNG-HA’s ‎commitment to continuously improve patient safety ‎and the quality of healthcare services.‎

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