New Laboratory Info​rmation System (LIS)‎

New Laboratory Info​rmation System (LIS)‎
New Laboratory Info​rmation System (LIS)‎ 

In light of what the Ministry of National Guard's ‎Health Affairs is witnessing in its digital ‎transformation journey, a new project “Laboratory ‎Information System (LIS)”, has been launched within ‎the MNG-HA’s Electronic Health Record System ‎‎"BestCare", on Friday, the 2nd of October 2020.‎

The first phase of the project includes its launch and ‎implementation in the Central Region in King ‎Abdulaziz Medical City - Riyadh and all the Primary ‎health Care Centers, total of 17 centers. ‎

Moreover, within the upcoming 3 months, the ‎project will be launched in all MNG-HA’s medical ‎cities in Jeddah, Dammam, Al-Ahsa and Al Madina.‎

In conjunction with the launch of New Laboratory ‎Information System (LIS), an integrated technical ‎support team and a Hot-Line were established to ‎provide technical support around the clock to all ‎NGHA Health practitioners and system users.‎

The New Laboratory Information System (LIS)‎ is characterized as a project with a strategic ‎dimension for MNG-HA, as it aims to process and ‎store patient data in a unified database and bypass ‎the challenges of linking the medical systems in the ‎facility, as well as to reduce the operational cost of ‎the systems, and to transfer, localize knowledge ‎and eliminate future costs when implemented in ‎new health facilities. ‎

Last but not least, the Ministry of National Guard -‎Health Affairs is always keen on keeping pace with ‎the digital transformation that the Kingdom is ‎witnessing in all sectors, especially the health ‎sector, in a way that contributes to enhancing ‎patient safety, raising the level of quality and ‎providing the best medical services‏.‏

New Laboratory Info​rmation System (LIS)‎New Laboratory Info​rmation System (LIS)‎ 


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