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Primary Health Care Centers

Primary Health Care Center - Al-Ahsa is located in the heart of the King Abdullah Residential City of the National Guard, which includes five residential sections [Uhud, Bader, Hattin, Qadisiyah and Yarmouk],. The total population ranges approximately 20 thousand, while the total number of individuals served by the center is about 70 thousand people. These centers providing the highest level of primary healthcare services to all authorized patients through the maximum utilization of the available resources. This center is under the umbrella of Medical Services Division – KAH Al Ahsa.


To provide high quality of primary health care services to the Ministry of National Guard Personnel, their dependents and eligible patients by utilizing available resources.


Be standardized and distinguished by its ability to meet the community needs, health promotions and diseases prevention.

Department Capacity

2020 Statistical Report:

  • Total No. of Patients Visit by specialty


  • Total No. of Laboratory Test Done


  • Total No. of Radiology Procedure Done


  • Total No. of Vaccination


  • Total No. of Patient Seen in Dental


  • Total No. of Registration [up-to-date]


  • Total No. of Newly Registered [up-to-date]


  • Total No. of Prescription Dispensed by Pharmacy


  • Total No. of Items Dispensed by Pharmacy


Scope of Services

Primary Health Care services are divided into two division, namely:

Medical Section includes;

Family Medicine clinics, Dental clinics, Preventive Medicine, Women and Pregnant Care clinics, Specialized clinics and Urgent Cases clinic.

Operation Section includes;

Nursing Services. Administrative Services, Health Information Management, Patient Services, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology, Social Service, Health Education and Health Promotion, in addition to maintenance services.

Essential Health Services

  • Family Medicine GP

  • Maternal Care

  • Child Health

  • School Health

  • Prevention & Control of Communicable Diseases

  • Prevention & Treatment of Non-communicable Diseases:

  • Pre-marriage screening and counseling

  • Military Screening

  • Basic General Dentistry Services

  • Health Education/Promotion

  • Basic Pharmaceutical

  • Basic Diagnosis Medical Imaging

  • Laboratory Specimen Collection & Phlebotomy

  • Referral of patient(s) with major illness or conditions to enhance competency specialized care

  • Extending Clinic

  • Support Military Field Medicine Mission

  • House Call & Emergency Care

Supportive and Managerial Services

  • Social Services / Patient Relations

  • Patient Services [ patient registration / appointment ]

  • Health Information Management / Medical Records

  • Utility & Maintenance [ contracted services ]

  • Ambulance Services

  • Housekeeping Services including waste disposal


  • Chief Of Staff

Dr. Maream Al Hobel

  • Operations

Mr. Mohammed Al Maani

  • Pharmacy

Mr. Mousa Al Hashim

  • Medical Imaging

Mr. Falah Abdulmohsen

  • Nursing

Ms. Juliet Robles

  • Laboratory

Ms. Safa Al Sinan

  • Patient Services

Mr. Abdullah Al Ali

  • Health Information Management

Mr. Hussein Al Meshal

Clinical Programs

  • Saudi Board Family Medicine Residency Training Program
Dr. Mansour Alnaim
Dr. Mounther Al Naim [Phc Coordinator]


Dr. Ahmed Al Arfaj

Executive, Regional Director Al Ahsa​

Dr. Ali Al Qarni

Deputy Executive, Regional Director Medical Services Al Ahsa

Dr. Mohammed Al Jamaan

PHC Al Ahsa Director

Contact us

Phone and Extensions: 5921154
Ext. 38704 / 38702 [Admin. Secretary]

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