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The Primary Health Care Center – Al ‎Ahsa is within the heart of the five ‎surrounding districts [Auhod/VIP Cl, ‎Bader, Hatteen, Kadsiyah & Yarmouk], ‎located at the northeast of King ‎Abdulaziz Hospital, Al Ahsa – Eastern ‎Region with a distance of four ‎kilometers away. Its approximate ‎total population within the housing is ‎ranging to twenty thousand seven ‎hundred [20,700] residents while the ‎overall total residents servicing by the ‎center is around sixty ‎thousand/60,000.‎




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Director, PHC Al Ahsa

Telephone No. +966-‎‏13‏‎-‎‏5338708‏‎ ‎


Fax No. +966-‎‏13‏‎-‎‏5338700‏

Administrative Assistants

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