Pharmaceutical Care Services  



The pharmaceutical Care Services takes a leadership role in achieving advances in patient Safety evidence- based medication use, education, and research by continuously improving and re- designing the medication-use process to provide a comprehensive range of clinical and product services that will assist in providing quality care to all patients in accordance with JCI standards.


  • Inpatient Pharmacy
  • Outpatient Pharmacy
  • ER Pharmacy

Working Hours:

  • Office Hours (08:00~17:00)

Shifting Hours:

  • Inpatient pharmacy:
    • (07:00~19:00)
    • (19:00~07:00)
  • Outpatient Pharmacy:
    • (08:00~20:00)
    • (20:00~08:00)
    • (08:00~17:00)
    • (16:00~00:00)
    • (00:00~08:00)
    • (09:00~18:00)


  • Open 24 Hours a day
  • Education Lectures  for Pharmacist, Doctors, and Nurses
  • Training Students, Staff
  • Standardized preparation of iron saccharide and cefazolin (surgical prophylaxis)
  • Planning phase for IV room policies and procedures complete
  • Updated parenteral nutrition software as per ASPEN recommendations.
  • Initiated facility management checks with safety department
  • Reduction of medication floor stock discrepancies

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