Rehabilitation Services​

Rehabilitation Services in Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Hospital (PMBAH) in the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs (MNGHA) offers services to patients of all ages who suffer from movement dysfunction. Our goal is to help patients recover maximum function. Currently the Rehabilitation Department consists of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy services. The aim of the department is to provide services to the Saudi Arabian National Guard Employees, their families and any other persons if eligible. We evaluate and treat physical problems and how those conditions impact emotional, social and occupational functioning. This service complies with ‘Evidence Based Practice’ and meet established standards of clinical practice and fulfills the organization mission statement.

The Rehabilitation Services are :

Physical Therapy:

specializes in human movement and physical activity. They identify physical and other factors that prevent people from being as active and independent as they can be, and then find ways of overcoming them through rehabilitation, science-based exercise prescription, and promotion of physical activity.

The physical therapy services divided on :

  1. Neurological physical therapy 
  2. Musculoskeletal/ Sport Injury physical therapy
  3. Orthopedics physical therapy 
  4. Pediatrics physical therapy 
  5. Women’s Health physical therapy 
  6. Geriatric physical therapy 

Occupational Therapy (OT):

Occupational Therapists are working closely together with Physiotherapists, complementing each other to give the best possible program of patient’s rehabilitation.

Focus on individuals abilities to complete their normal activities of daily living (ADL). OT complement physical/cognitive assessments and treatment to develop, recover, and/or maintain individual independence in their ADL and work skills.

OT work with individuals with physical, mental, and/or cognitive disorder. OT also focuses in their work in identifying and eliminating environmental barriers to independence and participation in daily activities.

OT services cover adult and pediatric:

  1. Physical disabilities
  2. Cognitive disabilities
  3. Developmental delay
  4. Sensory disorder
  5. School difficulties
  6. Burn and scar management
  7. Vocational rehabilitation
  8. Hand skills and functions
  9. Splinting
  10. Home modification and adaption 

Working Hours:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 8am – 5pm (being 3.30pm is the last appointment for out-patient)
  • Friday & Saturday: OFF days with weekend coverage

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