​Neonatal Intensive Care Unit  


Scope of Service

  • The Neonatal intensive Care Unit (NICU) is an 8 bedded unit and provides 24 hours service

  • NICU accepts 23 weeks gestation to term infants requiring level II and III specialized care

  • The unit is staffed with nurse to patient ratio of 1:1-2. Many other disciplines are involved in the care of the sick neonate including but not limited to medical staff, respiratory therapy, pharmacy Radiology, and social worker, patient educator for mothers, Infection Control and physical therapy.

  • The NICU provides a Family-centered approach to care; encompassing the parents and sick infant as a single unit. Thus including the family in all decision making and kept well informed and have complete understanding   of all patient care activities/procedures. 

  • The NICU services provide the best technological evidenced – based treatment and care. Examples are: ventilator support inclusive of high frequency oscillatory   and sensor medics ventilation, Nitric Oxide therapy, various forms of oxygen therapy, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), the unit also provides continuous hemodynamic monitoring, pulse oximetry, continuous cardiac monitoring, blood exchange transfusion, administration of medications and Total Parenteral Nutrition, high intensity phototherapy, chromosomal analysis and Metabolic screening. 

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