Employee Benefits 


Employment at any of our National Guard Hospitals offers many interesting and exciting challenges and opportunities for physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Join an interesting group of professionals and explore the unlimited benefits and advantages of joining one of these facilities.

  • Transportation Services

  • Medical and Dental Care

  • Education fees  for dependent children

  • Secure Housing Compounds

  • Recreation Centers

Leaves and Holidays

  • Annual Leave

    • 30 calendar days of paid Annual Leave per contract year.

  • Administrative Leave

    • Six days paid leave based on benefit group.

  • Mid-year

    • Ten (10) consecutive calendar days paid leave as above.

  • Holidays

    • 11 working days of paid Holidays inclusive:

      • 5 days Eid Al Fitr

      • 5 days Eid Al Hajj

      • 1 day Saudi National Day (23 September)

  • Sick Leave

        Properly documented sick leave during each year of service with:

    • Full pay for up to 30 calendar days.

    • Additional 60 calendar days at 75% of salary.

  • There are other types of leave such as Business leave, Pilgrimage Leave for Muslim employees, Compassionate Leave and marriage leave, Etc.

Mid-Year Benefits

  • Nursing Staff
  • (10) Consecutive calendar days with paid leave status.
  • Allied Health Professional
  • (10) Consecutive calendar days with paid leave status.
  • Administrative and Support Staff and the remaining staff
  • (10) Consecutive calendar days in paid leave status.

Annual Ticket

  • The ticket is available after the completion of the first contract year and upon re-contracting for a minimum of one (1) additional year.

End of Service Award

  • End of Service Award consisting of one-half (1/2) month’s basic salary for each of the first five years of service and one (1) month’s basic salary for each year of service thereafter.

The Salary is tax free​

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