​Fire Protection Services  



Fire Protection Services is a comprehensive effective safety program aimed at protecting patients, visitors and staff from exposure to chemicals, radiation, biological and fire hazards that may be detrimental to our health and wellbeing, in short to provide and ensure a safe hospital environment for all.


This Fire Services will facilitate plans and implements a program to ensure that all staff, patients, visitors and including all PMBAH buildings are safe from fire, smoke, or other hazards in the facility.



  • The prevention of fire through the reduction of risk, such as safe storage and handling of potentially flammable materials.

  • The hazards related to any construction, renovation and alteration in or adjacent to the patient occupied buildings, wards or rooms.

  • The safe and unobstructed means of exit in the event of fire or other fire related emergencies that require urgent and safe evacuation.

  • The early warning, early detection systems such as fire patrols, smoke detectors and fire alarms.

  • The frequency of inspecting, testing and maintaining fire protection systems, consistent with requirements and comply with the International (NFPA) standards.

  • The necessary education of all staff to effectively protect and evacuate patients when a fire emergency occurs.

  • To traine all staff members and be knowledgeable about their roles in the fire evacuation plans, hazardous materials and other fire related emergencies.

  • To inspect all hospital locations periodically and write a report to concerned department, follow work request and reports to concerned departments that don’t comply with fire/safety recommendation.

  • To issue hot work permit to all hospital maintenance, sub-contractors and contractors working within the hospital premises and apply the (NFPA, NFC) safety standards.

  • To assist fire crew if required during fire or other related emergency and Identify the cause of emergency and eliminate or reduce the risk.

  • To make a safe fire evacuation plans for all departments and wards according to (NFPA, NFC) standards.

  • All inspections, testing, trainings and commissioning are properly documented.

  • To comply with other tasks required by the Fire Protection Service within their skills and knowledge.

Where we are

Our office is located in: staff housing building (350) first floor.

You can contact us on Email fire-pmbah@ngha.med.sa



  • Ministry of Defense and Aviation

    Medical Services Division

    Total Quality Management Development Bureau

  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

     Quinchy, Massachusetts

     U.S.A. 0226991011

  • nternational Civil Defense Organization

    CH-1213, Petit-Lancy

    Geneva, Switzerland

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