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Horticulture Road and Ground Services of Environmental Services Department are under the Division of Support Services. It is the goal of this section to maintain the beautification of the environment and control elements or combination of elements such as wind, lack of humidity, sun unstable soil, fire control and access to areas or property.

Some of the functions of the section are to conduct daily inspection and monitor whether the approved horticulture practices and assignments carried out by the Horticulture Services Contractor and to ensure that the Contractor accomplishes the scheduled tasks in the whole Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz Medical City and in accordance with the program standards.


What Can You Expect From Us

  • Ensure that PMBAH landscape environment is in aesthetic condition.

  • Ensure the windbreaks trees are planted in the compounds to control common element such as wind. 

Where We Are

Our office is located in: Staff Housing Building No. 350

Our Customers Are

Services are provided to all PMBAH Buildings, all public areas and Residents in Housing Compounds at PMBAH. The aesthetic landscape environment is pleasant to the general public and has immeasurable contribution to the recuperating patients.

The Services We Provide

In addition to the monitoring activity, the Section is also technically guiding the Horticulture Services Contractor achieve success in his contract. The Section is also collaborating and assisting other departments in the PMBAH.

How Can You Help Us

  • Do not throw litter in the landscape and grounds; put the rubbish in the trash bins.

  • Do not tamper or alter the irrigation system of the landscape.

  • Do not remove the Program landscape by substituting it with your vegetables. 

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