​Housekeeping Services   


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  • Monitors the Housekeeping Services Contractor's activities to insure that their performance is in compliance with the NGHA and JCIA standards.  

  • Resolves your complaints or comments on housekeeping performance within respective department by filling up the end user's comment by E-Mail

  • Provides your department with Housekeeping Services such as general cleaning of patient rooms and offices.

    What You Can Expect From Our Department

  • Assists you to improve the cleaning standard of your department.

  • Assists in improving the appearance of your department.

  • Immediate response with request in relation to housekeeping services.

  • Other housekeeping issues.

Our Customers Are

Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Hospital (Administration, OPD, Wards, ICU Units, ER, Common Areas of Housing buildings, Outside Clinics and Staff Housing Services)

How You Can Help Us

  • It is important to know that housekeepers are not responsible for cleaning personal belongings, computers, interior of desk drawers, ash trays, or housing accommodations dishwashing therefore we thank you for not burdening him/her with these additional responsibilities.

  • Fill up the End Users Comments & Housekeeping Questionnaires form objectively and on time.

  • Dispose trash and cigarette ends in the proper bins.


Where We Are

Our office is located in: Staff Housing Building No. 350

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