​Transportation Services 


Transportation Department Aim

Our main objective is to fulfill all feasible transportation requests of eligible hospital employees and further improvement of Transportation Department so as to achieve the highest quality of service and end-users satisfaction as well.



Our mission is to provide National Guard personnel with the highest quality of transportation services while ensuring the efficiency and proper utilization of available resources and to meet the increasing transportation requirements for hospital expansion.


Transportation’s Responsibility

The Transportation Department, under Support Services Division, consists of the Operations Section, motor pool section.

  • Operations Section is designated to serve all employees of NGHA by providing Mass Transit and Special Transportation requirements.

    • The main function of the Operations Section is to provide transportation to all hospital employees from their housing accommodation within the program vicinity to the hospital if needed and outside compounds for work and vice versa.

    • To efficiently arrange schedules for any special requests, business trips, airport assistance, self-drive, on call requests and seminars/ symposia.

    • We ensure all program vehicles are operating in good condition to meet the work requirements.

  • Motor Pool Section Responsibility

    • This section under our department is responsible for issuing vehicles to different department within the hospital for job related matters use only. The section supervisor prior to the manager’s approval will review the justification stated and a valid reason is required. Forms for application are available at the intranet.


Services Provided


  • Holly Mosque (Al Haram) trips 

  • Shopping Service


  • Airport Transport Service

  • Self-drive requests

  • Official transportation request

Shopping Trips

Regular shopping trips are offered. (Schedules will be provided before hospital inauguration. Timing: will be provided before hospital inauguration.

Special Shopping Trips, which has a different destination from the regular shopping trips. Timing and destination varies monthly

Assists: Business Trips.

How you can identify us?

You will identify all Hospital vehicles by its NGHA logo on both right and left sides and doors.

Other Special Request/ Business Trips

Business Trips refers to Business Leave (Domestic Travel) and Transportation service related to PMBAH program within Western Region. All hospital employees are requested to provide us memorandum signed by their respective Department Head with full information of the flight or business trips. To confirm, verify or cancel they can call the Hotline (62727) for any assistance or complete the Business Assistance Request Form.

How you can help us?

Carry your badge while riding the buses or receive a car from motor pool section.

Transportation Department encourages and welcomes all suggestion that improves our services.

Where we are?

Our office is located in: Staff Housing Building No. 350 – first floor

If you have any complaints or problems regarding the services that Transportation provide, we encourage you to report it immediately to our Email transpo-pmbah@ngha.med.sa

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