​Patient Services


 PatientServices.jpgThe Patient Services mission is to provide national guard personnel and their eligible dependents with the highest quality of health care services, whilst ensuring efficiency, proper utilization of available resources, and continuous quality improvements.

Patient Services encompasses a wide range of services in a number of various locations:

  •     Central Patient Registration
  •     Female Registration & Appointments
  •     Emergency Care Centre Registration & Appointments
  •     Bed Assignment Planners
  •     Central Admissions
  •     Female Admissions Section
  •     Outpatient Scheduling (Appointments)
  •     Dental Clinics (Appointments)
  •     Customer Service
  •     Morgue Services
  •     Patient Escort Section
  •     Loan of Wheelchairs

Each section of Patient Services has one common purpose that is to provide quality services to our patients at King Abdulaziz Medical City, National Guard Health Affairs.


Department Functions:

The department’s main function is to provide services in the following areas:

Central Registration Section

Receives Polyclinic Referrals and registers patients. Patients with the Letter of Exception are referred to the Registration Section from the Department of Eligibility & Medical Coordination. The registration process also takes place the Emergency Care Centre. There are approved guidelines for assigning eligibility and coverage for treatment, and patient data is entered into the Computerized Registration System. Patients requiring hospitalization are screened to establish eligibility to treatment prior to their admission to the hospital. Emergency cases are treated to stabilize their condition, and then transferred to the appropriate facility.


Bed Assignment Planners

Are responsible for identifying available beds, and control beds assignments.

Admissions Sections

 Is responsible for maintaining the waiting lists for elective surgery at King Abdulaziz Medical City. The Female Admissions Sections was established during 1996 to process the admissions and patients to Labor & Delivery and Newborns.

Appointment Sections

Patients eligible for treatment are scheduled for an appointment at the appropriate Outpatient Clinic, utilizing the Outpatient Scheduling System. Patients are scheduled according to the instructions of the physicians, and appointments slips are issued indicating the date and time of the appointment, the doctor, the specialty and the clinic. Patient Escort Section – provides services to both inpatients and outpatients, escorting patients, the collection and delivery of medical records, and other patient related activities.

Patient Escort Section

Provides services to both inpatients and outpatients, escorting patients, the collection and delivery of medical records, and other patient related activities.

Customer Service

Is responsible to manage the outpatients waiting list and for the rescheduling of appointments as available. Its staff gives advice to patients on eligibility to treatment, and registration documentation requirements.

Morgue Services

Receives deceased patients, and coordinates body washing services and transportation. They are responsible for arranging necessary documentation, and dealing with appropriate authorities and other health care facilities.

Dental Section

 They are responsible for rescheduling of all Outpatients Clinic in KAMC - Ambulatory Care Centre, and always provide quality services to patients.

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