​Rafha Primary Health Center 


  • Family Medicine
  • Well Baby Clinic & Vaccination
  • Dental
  • Geriatric
  • Antenatal care
Services Provided
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy Service
  • Laboratory Service
  • Radiology Service
  • Health Education
  • Medical Records
  • Patients Service
  • Continuing Medical Education
  • Preventive Medicine
Operational Days

  Sundays to Thursdays​

Working Hours
  • 08:00am to 12:30pm
  • 12:30pm to 05:00pm
Clinics Work System
  • Our clinic composed of six (6)Family Medicine + one (1) dental clinic.  
  • Admission of the patient is through electronic system.
  • Patients go to the record section, Nsg, doctor then give services like X- ray, dressing & lab.
  • After which, patient go to the pharmacy to get the medicine through electronic prescription.
  • The services for Well baby & Vaccination clinic is done once per week.
  • Follow up check up for pregnant mothers is done twice per week.
  • We give priority services like Geriatric and special cases (like handicapped..) everyday
  • Samples for laboratory services was sent to Riyadh every Monday.
  • Every Wednesday, we are conducting lecture discussions regarding special cases.
  • Health education was rendered for all patients specially breastfeeding moms and DM pat.
  • The patients can avail special medicines in KFNGH that are not available in the clinic.
More Information
  1. Teaching of Family Medicine curriculum for 5th year students of faculty of medicine, Northern Boarder University under supervision of Family Medicine consultant with contribution of qualified family medicine specialists in the center.
  2. The center is accredited by SCHS for training Saudi diploma of family medicine SDFM, 1st batch started on January 2014.
Appointments System


Update Data System


Catchment Areas


Contact us​
  • Phone: +966-14-6760052 or 6762792      
  • Fax: +966-14-6762792
  • Email: rafhaphc@ngha.med.sa 





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