The intensive care department at King AbdulAziz Medical City has been active in clinical research for the last several years. We believe in the philosophy that our faculty, in addition to being highly qualified intensive care providers and excellent educators, must also advance knowledge in our specialty. Hence, our mission is to conduct investigation into the problems and questions that we face during our practice to improve improve our ability to care for patients with life-threatening disorders.  

Our research group is multidisciplinary and is comprised of intensivist consultants, critical care nurses, pharmacists and respiratory therapists. Our research projects frequently require collaboration with physicians from other departments.

Our main focus has been the performance of clinical research. Current research projects focus on the following areas: management of severe head trauma, thromboembolism prevention, hyperglycemia management, nutritional support in critical care, mechanical ventilation in acute respiratory distress syndrome, and so on.

Our long term goals include the following:

  • continue clinical research activities in our department and increase the productivity of research efforts.
  • attain a higher level of intra-departmental collaboration in research and inter-hospital research.
  • secure grants for the support of our research activities and expansion of our research team.
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