Health and Safety  

Laboratory Health and Safety is an integral part of daily activities in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (DPLM).  A wide and comprehensive service ensures the safety of over 300 employees in the Department.  Activities include safety orientations for new staff, annual training of all employees in such areas as blood borne pathogens, ergonomics, fire safety, first aid, chemical safety training etc. Laboratory Safety also ensures that personal protective equipment is available at all times.

Due to the large number of staff utilizing a wide range of sophisticated instruments, working with dangerous chemicals and exposed to high risk biological hazards, a team of 12 safety officers are assigned the duty of monitoring safe practices. Weekly, monthly and extensive 6 monthly safety audits are performed in all areas of the DPLM to ensure compliance to all required international safety standards. The DPLM also works closely with hospital Safety and Environmental Services.

The Laboratory administration recognizing the importance of Health and Safety in the DPLM have provided their full support and encouraged employees to undertake further specialized training. As a result of this the Laboratory Safety Officer Ms. Loulwah Al Hammad has recently successfully achieved certification with the international body NEBOSH in the areas of Health and Safety management, Work Place Hazards and Risk Management.  She is the first Saudi National to achieve this merit and the DPLM is proud of her achievement. This has ensured that the DPLM maintains current standards along international guidelines as well as international accreditation requirements. 

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