Lab Information System    

LIS Section is one of the sections in Information Systems and Informatics Division (I.S.I.D.) and is currently staffed by, 1 Database Specialist, 1 Assistant Database Specialist and 3 Receptionist/LIS Clerk.  This area is directed by a Consultant Pathologist with special interest and expertise in LIS.

The primary role and responsibility is to provide customers with a system in which they can provide top quality patient care with minimal interruption of services.  The basic function is to perform Laboratory data entry, including database, spreadsheet, and word processing input.  The LIS staff assists the department with all computer software and peripheral tasks and problems.

Some of the following features supporting the various functions within the Department include:

  • Management of all aspects of the collection process, including scheduling, tracking, printing labels and logging in specimen collections.

  • Inquiry functions for quick identification of which collections are pending, complete, missed, or cancelled.

  • Inventory management of quality control material.

  • On-line tracking, checking, and reporting of quality control results.

  • Tracking of blood bank products from receipt to final disposition and beyond (after archiving and purging).

  • Storage and archiving patient and donor records as per AABB and CAP standards.

  • On-line information management system for storing and reporting pathology information.

  • Validating patient history by cross-referencing against the patient’s blood group and type when patients are admitted with a different medical record numbers.

  • Statistical reports indicating types and numbers of pathogens

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