Clinical Chemistry  

The Clinical Chemistry is one of the largest and busiest sections in the laboratory medicine, providing a menu of more than 117 analytical tests and procedures.  The Section performs approximately 2.7 million tests per year and employs 23 full time technologists.  The main sections in Clinical chemistry include the following subsections:

  • Automated general chemistry.
  • Automated Hormones and tumor markers.
  • Automated Therapeutic drugs monitoring and drugs of abuse.
  • Special chemistry sub-section with different manual and automated techniques.

The section is a pioneer in the Kingdom as being the first lab to implement a state of the art system for analysis to reduce errors in specimen handling and to accommodate the increase in workload while also improving the turn around time of analysis.

The system in use is an automated specimen track that connects together the analytical units of general chemistry and hormones, the automated track channels, the specimens into the appropriate analyzer according to the requested tests and returns all specimens back to the operator for filing after performing the requested tests.  The clinical chemistry section is CAP accredited and participates in two different external proficiency testing international programs to monitor the quality of services offered and to maintain accuracy and precision of test results.  The clinical chemistry through its head and personnel participates in continuous education and teaching to the hospital departments and to the students of medical technology and medicine specialties from various universities in the Kingdom and also from the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences at our institute as part of its ongoing services.

The section is in a constant state of monitoring the quality and quantity of services provided and is revising the services periodically to include updated, more accurate, precise and patient-oriented biochemical investigations.

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