The Hematology Laboratory is one of the largest sections in the Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine employing 27 staff Technologists, 1 Supervisor and 2 Pathologists.

hematology.jpgThis laboratory is divided into the following functions:

  • Routine Haematology
    • Clerical/Manual
    • Automated Haematology
    • Microscopy
  •  Special Haematology & Body Fluids
    • Bone Marrow
    • Haemoglobin Analysis (HPLC-Capillary Haemoglobin Electrophoresis)
  • •Coagulation
    • Routine Coagulation
    • Special Coagulation


Ancillary tests using diagnostic Molecular Pathology including Cytogenetics and Flow Cytometry are available through their respective laboratories housed within the Department.

The Hematology Laboratory is proud of its performance in the last three consecutive CAP Inspections (years 2002 & 2004) for passing with zero deficiency.  Round the clock service is provided to patients and an average of 1400 samples a day are processed during the weekdays and 700 samples a day are processed during the weekend. 

The equipment available in the Hematology Laboratory include Sapphire, BCS, Vesmatic, Test IH, Aggregometers, HPLC Sebia, Protoflour, Slide Makers and Stainers and Udilipse.

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