Computed Tomography  


Introduction  healthcare worker at doing a CT scan

A CT scan (sometimes called a CAT scan) allows for a detailed image to be taken of  the internal tissues of the body. CT is an abbreviation that stands for "computed tomography." In fact, a powerful computer works to put together the large amount of information obtained by this test into a detailed picture of the body. CT scans use X-rays aimed from multiple, different points around the patient to obtain their images and, therefore, exposes the patient to some radiation.       


CT  provide special procedure to diagnostic pathology of internal organs, bones, soft tissue and blood vessels,   Greater clarity and reveal more details than regular x-ray exams using Specialized equipment and expertise to create and interpret CT scans of the Body. The radiologists can easily diagnose problems such as cancers Cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, appendicitis, trauma and Musculoskeletal disorders.

Reducing patients’ radiation dose is a high priority for us.

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