Nursing section under medical imaging department is one of the most important sections in the department as most of the procedures cannot be done if nurses are not present. In the past the nursing roles were limited to some basic nursing skills to assist in the performance of the work. The number of the nurses at that time was limited and the level of those nurses was also limited to their role. In the present the situation is total different, the number of nurses are 22 (1 acting nurse manager, 7 SN1, and 14 SN2) most of them are selected carefully to face the new dutiesand the development of the department. Nursing roles are now more advanced as nurses are sedating patients, monitoring patients, caring of most of the patients under the department, organaizing of the flow works in some sections in addition to the basic skills that needed for daily work. We can say that nursing section was developed rapidly during the last 3 years especially after the assignment of a nurse manager.


Apply all nursing care to all type of patients who are visiting the department form all ages and both genders with high standards of quality, and to work with other team members in the department in order to achieve the missions of the department and the whole organization as will, also participating in the role of training and education. 


Providing optimum health care for all patients.


Scope of Services

  • Pre -procedure
    • Patient assessment.
    • Patient education.
    • Procedure preparation.
    • Documentation.
  • Intra-procedure
    • Patient assessment.
    • Patient education.
    • Assisting in Procedure.
    • Patient monitoring.
    • Patient sedation.
    • Documentation.
    • Pain management.
    • Medication administration.
  • Post-procedure
    • Patient assessment.
    • Pain assessment.
    • Patient education.
    • Documentation.
  • Assisting in quality management.
  • Assisting with continuous education.


We have now 22 nurses distributed as follow:

  • Acting nurse manager (SN1).
  • VIR (5 SN1 and 3 SN2).2 SN1 are under float position till now.
  • Main X ray (5 SN2).
  • CT scan (2 SN1 and 1 SN2 and 1 SN1 from W 7 as float).
  • Nuc.Medicine (1 SN2).
  • US (1 SN2).
  • MRI (3 SN2).1 is still under float position.
  • Vacant positions: nurse manager, CRN, 1 SN2 (under process of transfer from neuro ICU).
  • During 2011 2 SN2 and 2 SN1 left the department while 4 SN1 and 5 SN2 was recruited under the department. 
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