​Technical Support  


Technical support section of medical imaging is dedicated to bring to the department the latest available  technology that will be used in helping staff producing state of art outcome, not only that but we make sure that we have minimal down time  so services is not effected. Moreover, we make sure that staff of MI are well oriented before starting using any new products and are update of new technology.


Our Mission is to introduce to the organization the latest available radiology technology that can benefit the outcome of the NGHA.


The Vision of the section is to be a reference for the stat of art technology in the field of Medical Imaging. 


Our objectives are but not limited to:

  1. To get the latest generation of products that is available in market in short time.

  2. Minimize the affect of breakdown of Radiology machines on patients

  3. Continually update staff of new technology.

  4. To be a reference center for Medical Imaging equipments and product.

  5. To cut down the waste because of expired product

  6. Have a strong nice relationship with other sections and departments.


    Scope of Services

  1. Create and follow up all SPR for Medical Imaging requests

  2. Prepare the annual capital equipments requisites and follow it up.

  3. Report any defecates of Medical Imaging equipment and make sure it is fixed.

  4. Report any recall for any items in Medical Imaging.

  5. Write all specifications for ordered products.

  6. Evaluate any new products.

  7. Organize workshops for new products.

  8. Encourages medical products manufacturers to increase their support to department educational activities.

  9. Increase attendance of Medical Imaging Staff in international conferences.

  10. Participate in hospital committees for technical issues related to Medical Imaging


  1. Report to Clinical Engineering Department on daily bass any defect equipment.

  2. Follow up with Biomed any down machine until it is fixed and resolve all related issues

QI and Patients Safety

  1. Periodically Preventive Maintenance for all Medical equipments.

  2. Monthly inventory for consumable items

  3. .Making sure all ionization machines are tested by Medical physics department  


  1. Nil of expired products in Medical Imaging

  2. Fixing key equipment during weekends.

  3. Produce daily tasks without any supported staff.

  4. Convincing decision taker in other department of NGHA of the needs of Medical Imaging Department of new equipments, material, and manpower.

  5. To give equal chance to all vendor special new small medical company to get into NGHA .

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