The Ultrasound in Medical Imaging is a high-frequency acoustic energy that transmitted into the human body using a set of transducers attached to the skin. Ultrasound technology allows doctors to see inside a patient without resorting to surgery. A transmitter sends high frequency sound waves into the body, where they bounce off the different tissues and organs to produce a distinctive pattern of echoes.

A receiver "hears" the returning echo pattern and forwards it to a computer, which translates the data into  an  image on a television screen. Because ultrasound can distinguish subtle  variations between soft, fluid- filled tissues, it is particularly useful in providing diagnostic  images of the abdomen.


Ultrasound can also be used in treatment. It has also been used to locate tumors, and to observe the condition of the human muscles and bones. The use of ultrasonic waves for diagnostic ortherapeutic purposes,specifically to image an internal body structure, monitor a developing fetus.

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