About us  

 healthcare worker doing radiation therapy to a patient

We offer the Saudi Arabian National Guard community comprehensive cancer care services, ranging from prevention and screening, diagnosis and state-of-the art therapeutic interventions. For those patients with advanced disease, we offer palliative care and end-of-life services, to enable the highest achievable possible quality of life for themselves and their family members.

We actively support current best-practice models for patient-centered care, utilizing an interdisciplinary approach to address the range of complex symptoms and problems that often come with living with and dealing with a diagnosis of cancer. Colleagues from other specialties are encouraged to actively participate in the plan of care and management of complex cases.       

 The oncology multidisciplinary team includes Clinical Psychologists, Social Workers, Clinical Dieticians, Health Educators, Play therapists and Clinical Pharmacists. These disciplines work closely with oncology medical and nursing staff, in both inpatient and outpatient settings, to ensure the patient receives the highest quality care, which is planned and coordinated to meet the individual patient’s needs

We currently have one 18-bed adult patient unit and one 12-bed pediatric unit. 

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