Department of Oncology  

The Department Of Oncology was established in 2005 to state of the art care for patients diagnosed with cancer. Currently the Department Of Oncology has five divisions including:

Adult Hematology, Adult Medical Oncology, Gynecology Oncology, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, Palliative Care and Radiation Oncology.

  • A new Radiation Center was developed to add this important modality to our Cancer Center.
  • All our consultants have trained in North America and are highly qualified in their field.
  • Our goal is to provide multidisciplinary care following the most advanced approaches in cancer care.

KAMC Cancer Center vision is to be the leading regional cancer center and rank among the nation's premier comprehensive cancer centers by providing:

  • World-class research in the prevention, detection and treatment of cancers and their related conditions.
  • Comprehensive and compassionate care, in a multidisciplinary approach that is responsive to the needs of our patients and their families.
  • Renowned teaching to ensure exceptional cancer care and research for future generations.
  • Information and education to improve the health and welfare of our community.
  • A dynamic and progressive atmosphere responsive to the needs of our patients and community.

Values and Goals:

  • To provide a comprehensive clinical service through a multidisciplinary approach that focuses on physical, emotional, social and environmental aspects of care on each patient and their family during active treatment and end stage.
  • To enhance the community education on the identification of the early signs and symptoms of cancer and increase awareness on cancer screening.
  • Participate and collaborate with other agencies in the development of "Support Group".
  • Provide educational opportunities to physicians and allied health professionals who wish to specialize in cancer field.
  • Conducting research related to detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
  • Collaborate with National and International organizations to fight cancer.
  • Sponsor high quality educational symposia and workshops.


Chairman: Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al Jazieh

  • Adult Hematology:

    • Dr. Ahmed Al Askar
    • Dr. Ayman Yahya Hejazi
    • Dr. Ghuzayel Mubarak Al Dawsari
  • Adult Medical Oncology:

    • ◦Dr. Mohamed Naghy
    • ◦Dr. Haitham Mukhtar Okk
    • ◦Dr. Omalkhair Abulkhair
  • Gynecology Oncology:

    • Dr. Faisal Al Safi
  • Palliative Care:

    • Dr. Rafa Al Shehri
    • Dr. Omar Mohammad Shamieh
  • Pediatric Hema Onco:

    • Dr. Ali Al Omari
    • Dr. Khalid Al Jamaan
    • Dr. Reem Al Sudairy
    • Dr. Talal Musleh Al Harbi
    • Dr. Mohammad Saleh Jarrar
  • Radiation Oncology:

    • Dr. Abdulrahman Al Hadab

Contact us:

Phone number: +966-11-8011111 ext: 17371

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