Clinic 301  


Unit Profile 

Unit name:

Clinic 301 General Surgery/Vascular/Thoracic, Podiatry, Neurosurgery, FNA

Patient population

  • Adult
  • Pediatric – 2 to14 years
  • Mixed gender

Hours of operation

  •  0800 – 1700 hours Sat. to Wed.
  • 5 days per week

Number of beds

  •  3 Nurse Clinic rooms
  • 2 Screening rooms
  • 10 Exam rooms
  • 1 Vascular lab

Number of visits


Staff categories

  •  Registered Nurse
  • Patient Educator
  • Unit Assistant
  • Patient Care Technician
  • Patient Escort
  • Runner

Primary patient diagnoses

Surgical: Pilonidal sinus; Diabetic foot; Heamorrhoids; Thyroid masses; Breast masses; Including CA breast; Cholelithiasis; Hernia surgical, inguinal and umbilical, lipomas

Thoracic Surgery


Vascular: Varicose veins; Femoral popiteal bypasses; Removal perma caths; AV shunts; all peripheral vascular problems; Sclerotherapy to spider veins

Neuro Surgery: Carpal tunnels; Disc prolapse; Laminectomies; Discectomies; Traumatic head injuries; Hydrocephalus


  •  Excision of pilonidal sinus
  • abscess I&D, sclerotherapy
  • wound debridement
  • wound dressing
  • haemorrhoid banding
  • proctoscopy
  • excision of lipoma/cyst
  • fine needle aspiration
  • suturing
  • surgical clip/suture removal
  • excision biopsy

Nursing care Delivery system

 Total Patient Care in a Partnership Model

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