Ward 12  


 Unit Profile 

Unit name

 Ward 12

Patient population

 Adult over 12 years old; mixed gender

Hours of operation

 24 hours/ 7 days per week

Number of beds


Occupancy Rate


Staff categories

 Registered Nurse

Patient Educator

Unit Assistant

Patient Care Technician

Patient Escort

Primary patient diagnoses

  •  Medical and Nephrology Patients such as Acute and Chronic Renal failure,
  • Systemic Lupus Nephritis, Nephrotic Syndrome, UTI, Hemodialysi Catheter Sepsis.
  • Renal transplant work-up, Cadaveric and Living Related Kidney Transplant
  • Post operative case with or without Patient Controlled Anesthesia, Care of patient on rejection, care of Arterio-venous fistula and graft and perm catheters, Care of pre and post hemodialysis and Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis patient with complications.


  •  Administration of Medications and blood and blood products
  • Close monitoring of post kidney transplants direct from Recovery room
  • Manual Central Venous pressure monitoring
  • Assisting bedside procedures such as Insertion of Intrajugular and Femoral Quinton Catheters, abdominal and pleural taps, bone marrow biopsies
  • Preparation of patient for procedures in Angio Department such as Kidney biopsies and insertion of Perm catheter, Bronchospy and endoscopy procedures and other diagnostic procedures.

Nursing care Delivery system

 Total Patient Care in a Partnership Model 

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