Ward 20  


 Unit Profile 

Unit name

 Ward 20

Patient population

 Adult Male

Hours of operation

 24 Hours / 7days per week

Number of beds


Occupancy Rate


Staff categories

  •  Registered Nurse
  • Patient Educator
  • Unit Assistant
  • Patient Care Technician
  • Patient Escort

Primary patient diagnoses

  •  All general medical conditions including : CVA; Hypertension; Diabetes Mellitus;DVT; COPD; Bronchial Asthma; Pneumonia; Pleural Effusion; Congestive heart failure; Renal failure; UTI
  • Patients with multi-system problems associated with old age.
  • Isolation - MRSA


  •  Care of totally bedridden patients
  • Tracheostomy care, suctioning; oxygen administration.
  • Naso gastric tube insertion and care;
  • Peg tube care
  • Medication administration
  • I.V canula insertion and I.V Therapy administration
  • Blood sugar monitoring.
  • Administration of Blood products.
  • Wound and decubitous ulcer care.
  • Assisting with physician procedures – lumbar puncture, chest tube insertion; bone marrow biopsy; central lines.
  • Observation of patient pre/post surgery
  • angiographies, CT scan; MRI

Nursing care Delivery system

 Total Patient Care in a Partnership Model 

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