Clinical Practice

  • Patients will receive safe, quality care consistent with evidence-based standards.
  • Nursing and Para-nursing competence and privileging will determine patient assignments
  • Patient Advocacy will be the heart of nursing care and related processes and procedures.
  • Family centered care concepts will be incorporated into care planning.


  • Nursing Services leadership and management drive and support patient centered, quality, safe and cost effective care.
  • Systems and processes are developed from a patient perspective.
  • Nursing Services leadership and management promote staff retention initiatives
  • Just Culture principals are utilized to address adverse and near miss events and practice reviews.
  • Cultural diversity will be recognized as strength.


  • Implement processes, procedures and structured career development opportunities to support the successful appointment of Saudi Nurses into key Nursing Services positions.
  • Integrate Saudi Nurses as part of the health care team in all levels of Nursing Services.
  • Promote the profession of Nursing within Saudi Arabia and internationally.


  • Provide post graduate nursing programs that are nationally and internationally accredited.
  • Provide professional development opportunities aligned with operational and NGHA strategic goals focused on becoming an international center of excellence.
  • Promote a culture of continuous learning and professional growth and development.


  • Scientific enquiry guides the practice of all Nursing Services staff.
  • Contribute to the regional and international body of research and knowledge.

Quality and Patient Safety

  • Transparency and openness underpin quality improvement initiatives with a Just Culture.
  •  Joint Commission International Standards and Patient Safety Goals, along with Nursing   Sensitive Quality indicators, form the basis for Nursing specific quality improvement initiatives.
  •  Active participation in all NGHA and Central Region Quality and Safety initiatives.
  • Front line staff demonstrate awareness of risky behaviors and practices.
  • Front line staff feel empowered to change practices at the point of care
  • Front line staff feel protected to challenge situations that impact negatively on safety or quality.
  • Nursing Services leaders and managers are competent in the utilization of Healthcare Quality and Safety principals, processes, and tools.
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