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Organ donation is permissible in Islamic law and such procedure, God willing, will save a life threatened by death due to organ failure. The rate of success of the donation is more than 99%, God willing.  The donation is considered a new life grant by God's will to someone else on the verge of death because of your generous donation. Such deed is considered an ongoing charity and so you benefit others and benefit from this donation without any harm to you, God willing.

Dear Donor, We are sure that the medical team will do everything possible to ensure the success of such great medical procedure, led by professional and high-qualified Saudi cadres. We will provide you with all the medical possibilities at the transplant center in King Abdul Aziz Medical City, Ministry of National Guard- Health Affairs.

Shari'a Fatwa:

Decision of the Council of Senior Scholars:

The Council has decided that it is permissible to transfer an organ or a part of it from a living Muslim or non-Muslim to a Muslim who is in need to it , provided no danger will harm him/her in the removal procedure and the transplant will most likely succeed. Also, the majority of the Council decides the following:
  • It is permissible to transfer an organ or a part of it from a dead person to a Muslim if he/she is in need to it, it is safe to remove it from the donor, and the procedure will be most likely successful.
  • It is permissible for a living person to transfer an organ of him/her or part of it to a Muslim who is in need to it.
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Conditions of Donation:

  • The donor must be 18 to 50 years old.
  • Non obese (based on height with weight).
  • The donor must be an adult, willing to donate and have no benefit of any kind from such donation.
  • Donor blood type should be compatible and similar to the blood type of the recipient.

Features Given to a Donor After Donation:

  • A great reward from God, mental satisfaction and a noble human deed which is regarded as charity.
  • Guarantee a lifelong free medical file for Saudis at the hospital where the donation will be done.
  • Free thorough medical examination to ensure that your health condition is good, and if any medical problems are discovered during the examination, you will be transferred to the concerned clinic for consultation.
  • King Abdul Aziz 3rd class medal for Saudis.
  • A financial reward from the Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation approved by a Royal Order.

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