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Dr. Ahmed Al Shuaibi

We are proud to announce the emerging and growing healthcare facility of IABFH in the Eastern Region . National Guard Health Affairs highest Executive management has continued its support and provided us an opportunity to expand our learning curve. I would like to thank National Guard Health Affairs higher management for their strategic envisioned and innovative initiative in this regard.

Under the umbrella of NGHA, IABFH pursues its unique mission and commitment to providing the highest standards of safe, quality care to its eligible community. This ambition can only be achieved when ongoing opportunities and consolidated resources are offered to its medical community to elevate the level of knowledge through CME, research and continuing education of safe, quality care.We feel it’s our responsibility and consider it our privilege to facilitate a multi dimensional and comprehensive platform where challenging competition of emerging medical sciences is met with dignity and honor. Fortunatel,y since the inception of IABFH we have had a dedicated pool of medical leadership whose unwavering contribution has made that possible, Changes in the standard of patient care are not something a medical community takes lightly.

Patient care services are contemporary in technical expertise and are provided through an innovative, collaborative and compassionate family oriented model. We are privileged and honored to have a distinguished clinical team, experts and top notch faculty.  Their professional capability is known for a diverse and comprehensive combination of scientific integrity and practical approaches.

The comprehensive Patient  care means, delineations of two meanings and terms i-e provision of a wide scope of health care services and application of humanistic approach; two independent variables and core determinants leading to successful and desired outcomes in overall care process. The best clinical practices considerate a thorough concentration on biological, psychological, social and cultural components of Medical care, eventually addresses the needs of the patient as a looped care continuum.

The Year 2008 was rewarding and concluded all missions and achievements of standards mandated for safe care and quality Medical Services and compliance to JCI requirements.

We thank the IABFH & all Teams, …

Dr. Ahmed Al Shuaibi

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