Department of Emergency Medicine

The busiest area with highest unique dynamics is the index of the Hospital. The ER is a level II trauma centre supervised by a
Consultant Surgeon. Canadian Acuity Triage Scale is the instrument in deploying the work load in critical areas. Daily ER Clinics, Fast Track services, round the clock in-house Staff Physician super specialty cover enhances the capability of the system to provide reflex critical care. The daily ER work load peaks to an average of 150-250 patients. The Emergency Medicine Department monitors the clinical auditing, and conducts CME session. , ER monthly meetings help facilitating the clinical & administrative challenges faced on daily basis. IABFHEmergencyMedicine.jpg


Divission Head: Dr. El Tayieb Elnaiem

Dr. Abu Baker El-Nasri

Dr. El Tigani Seed Ahmed

Dr. Ahmad Maher Amro

Dr. Matinuddin Haider

Dr. Moh'd Amin Ghali

Dr. Hatim Ali El-Rayyah

Dr. Chaudhry Iqbal Yaseen

Dr. Khalid Hussein

Dr. Adel Toto

Dr. Mohamed Sherif Shokry

Dr. Ahmed Ovais Zafar

Dr. Husein Abdul Al

Dr. Mohd Omar Al Zaeem

Dr. Elamin Hajo Abdalla

Dr. Shams Uddin Mohammed

Current Services

  • Ressuscitations & Trauma Management    
  • Triage  & Fast Track
  • Modified  ER  Clinics         
  • Acute wound care
  • Initial Assessment & Screening   
  • Acute critical care 



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