Clinical Nutrition Education  


Nutrition Education is one of the major sections of the Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics responsible  and focusing in developing materials to be used for nutrition information dissemination and to provide quality  in-house educational training program to medical staff, patients, employees as well as food service staff.

  • Establishing of continued nutrition education for staff. 

  • Accreditation for departmental Nutrition Academic sessions from the Saudi Council for Health Specialties for 2012

  • Continue Medical Education (CME) program.

  • Patient education material has been updated, aiming at improving patient’s understanding and compliance to dietary regimens.

  • Community education by giving lectures in schools, camps, public places regarding healthy eating and to promote over all awareness.

  • Participation in numerous television/radio programs regarding various nutritional issues.

  • Continued contribution to nursing orientation through presentation on nutritional aspects in Saudi Arabia.

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