Clinical Nutrition Services  


Clinical Nutrition Services encompasses to the development, implementation and review of the operations and procedures in the clinical area directly or indirectly affecting all hospital patient nutritional care.

  • Develop and Implement the Professional standards such as based on/derived from the American Dietetic Association (ADA) as the basis of clinical nutrition practice in hospital.

  • Develop medical nutrition therapy protocols specifically applicable to KAMC-J in particular.

  • Arrange National and International events: conferences workshops and symposia. National Enteral Nutrition Therapy (ENT) workshop was organized in June 2011.

  • New Clinical Practice guidelines have been developed in following areas:

    • Burns

    • Adult and Pediatrics oncology

    • Enteral Nutrition managemen

    • Acute and Chronic Kidney Disease

    • Nutritional needs and growth parameters in Pediatric

    • Diabetes Mellitus (Type I & II)

    • Hepatic Disease

  New Sixteen (16) pathways have been developed in collaboration with pathways taskforce.

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