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Clinical Nutrition Services is responsible to discuss menu planning processes, eliminates difficulties, facilitates and oversees the implementation of menu planning processes. To give continuing education and training opportunities to kitchen staff to enable optimum quality patient care in a time efficient and productive manner.

We have succeeded in introducing new menus tailored to the needs of especially the adult oncology patients. Although this is only a small step in the process of improving services to our patients, it helps in achieving improved intakes during admission to hospital.

We have also introduced a new oral supplement which is very well tolerated by pediatric (above 1 year) and adult oncology patients. This drink that is high in protein, energy and multi vitamins. This should improve intake as well as nutritional status of in- and outpatients.

Patient care has also benefited from the continued improvement in the working relation between the department and the food service provider. In spite of limitations in the contract, a new and improved menu has been implemented with the new contract commenced on the 1st of August 2012. A great effort has been made by all involved to improve the care of our inpatients through the food service system.

Every month the Nutrition Department meets with Catering to discuss problems encountered and possible solutions. This process has resulted in improved hygiene standards amongst catering staff, improving service to paediatric patients to better meet their needs, purchasing of additional crockery etc. This meeting provides a forum for problems to be aired and dealt with, improving relations between both departments.

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