Nutrition Take Home Supply   


Clinical Nutrition Services is responsible to control formula and supplement issues by helps and works with important departments (Logistic, Food Service, as well as the hospital Wards) while the Clinical Dietitians will establish the nutritional requirements of the patients requiring nutritional supplements whether oral or for enteral use. The clinical dieticians prescribe the type and frequency of the formula.

The recommendation and subsequent introduction of specialised enteral feeding formula by the Nutrition Department has meant that the needs of enterally fed patients are better met. The Clinical Nutrition Services now provides all specialised enteral formula specifically designed for patients with specific disease which has resulted in a reduction in the frequency of complications of enteral nutrition.

  • The main objective for the committee is to provide a high quality of nutritional care with considering decreasing the cost.

  • To maintain adequate formula supply levels and avoid out of stock formula and supplements for in/out-patient. Daily contact and follow up with dieticians, planner, store and catering company for patient's needs.

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