We commit ourselves to provide optimal, cost effective, evidence-based nutritional care to all King Abdulaziz Medical City’s patients and to disseminate accurate, up-to-date nutrition information to patients and staff. 



  • To promote nutrition as a Medical Nutrition Therapy.

  • Identify the needs for nutrition education.

  • Identify the role of the dietitian in the multidisciplinary health care team

  • Motivate dietitian to develop as a skilled professional with the state of the art hands on training of Saudi dietitians in Medical Nutrition Therapy loaded with evidence based research in a multicultural environment and ultimately attain excellence in Medical Nutrition Care.


  • Tolerance and flexibility in a multicultural environment

  • Open and honest communication with other health care workers

  • Protecting the dignity of all patients

  • An environment of growth and equal opportunity

  • The ability to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate cost-effective nutrition support

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09-Dec-2020 04:10 PM