Staff and Staff Qualifications  


Staff working in the department are the following:

  • Chief Clinical Dietitian:

Plans, coordinates and manages all departmental functional services in an administrative capacity. Responsible for the overall quality of delivered services and optimal utilization of resources.

  • Clinical Dietitian I and II:

Provide specialist nutritional care to inpatients and outpatients through the process of assessment, planning, implementation, education, counseling and monitoring under the direction and supervision of the Chief Clinical Dietitian. Assists and participates in the development of protocols and patient education materials related to clinical nutrition.

  • Admin Assistant III:

Provide secretarial support to the office and manage many admin duties under the supervision of the head of department.

Currently we have 9 Clinical Dietitians I and 3 Clinical Dietitians II and 1 Admin Assistant III working in the Department. Staff in the department are composed from different countries like Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Pakistan, Phillipines, South Africa and Malyasia.

Staff Qualifications  

Although only a few areas have been highlighted it can be stated that as clinical dieticians are now appropriately utilized as skilled professionals. Thus, the requests for services of the department have increased beyond the capacity of the department. This is very encouraging as it reflects the quality of service to patients as well as improved visibility of the Dietitian in optimal patient care.

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