Data collection, analysis & reporting

  • The process of data collection is performed on a daily basis at the C & PM Center. The data sources are F&CM centers (monthly report), schools activities, health surveillances programs, surveys …etc.
  • By using Excel & SPSS, the collected data is inspected, verified, transformed, and modeled with the goal of highlighting useful information, suggested conclusions, and supported decision making.
  • The statistical information is reported  as the following:
    • C&FM statistical reports (e.g. annual reports, activities report& achievement report, …)
    • Community Survey reports (e.g., nutritional assessment survey, …)
    • Screening program report (e.g. visual acuity, head lice…)

Updated the monthly report

The current F&CM centres' monthly report was reviewed and a new report form was developed which includes additional public health indicators.

Door to door household survey

It aims to assess and analyze the health status and health needs of the KFRC-Jeddah' residents in general and targeting in specific the housewives. Some of the health indicators that are designed to be measured; crude birth rate, crude death rate, family size according to age and sex, house crowdedness, maternal morbidity, family morbidity; prevalence of some common diseases, risk factors such as obesity, underweight, low birth weight, tobacco, drinking water source, some life styles and health habits.

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